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Welcome to the West Anglia Cancer Network (WACN) history website. Please note that with effect from Friday 4th May 2018, the West Anglia Cancer Network will become part of the new Anglia Cancer Network for Accident Claims.

This website has been designed to provide patients and professionals with information and contact links for cancer services across the WACN and further afield.

The site has been divided into the following two sections to ensure you are directed to the most suitable First aid training information for your needs.

If you have any comments/suggestions or experience any difficulty accessing any of the information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our mission at WACN is "To promote and enhance the health and well-being of communities through exercise, fitness and sport." It's something that we're incredibly passionate about and we've worked hard to put together a range of activities that can make a real difference to the lives of everyone in the community. Being active is a wonderful thing and we hope that you'll find something on these pages that encourages you and your friends and family to visit us.

A number of NHS hospitals and council run libraries have taken a advantage of having shelving systems installed and have found that the space saving and the new >mezzanine floors installed in Jan 2018 have been a life saver

When you do you'll find some of the most exciting and innovative activity experiences around - some that you just can't get anywhere else! We strive hard to provide all this in a clean, safe and welcoming environment where trained and qualified people will endeavour to make your visit both pleasurable and memorable.

Managing cancer absences and return to work

Everyone at work will need to take sick leave at some time during their working lives and in most cases this lasts only a few days. If it turns into long-term cancer absence, it can have serious effects on the health and well-being of the worker as well as the competitiveness of a business. These effects can be particularly damaging for small businesses using a Private charter as losing a key member of staff can be disastrous.


By managing cancer absences and return to work you will:

Workers will benefit by:

What is Workplace Health?
Workplace Health Connect is a government funded service providing confidential, practical and free advice to small businesses on workplace health and safety, management of sickness absence and return to work issues. By calling our Advice line we can:

Help you understand your health and safety responsibilities
Help you ensure your business is a safe place to work
Help you to put things right
Provide access to quality health and safety advice quickly
Who is it for?

WACN public&patient


wacn professionals


This section of the website provides a general overview of the West Anglia Cancer Network including its structure and purpose.

Benefits of Workplace Health
Working in partnership with experts from the Health and Safety Executive, Workplace Health Connect offers advice that is:

Up-to-date with best practice and legislation
Relevant to your business
Completely confidential laptop service
Cost-effective for your business
Benefits of good health and safety practice
Businesses where employers work hard to prevent and reduce the risks of ill-health and injury benefit from:

Workplace Health Connect equips you with the knowledge and skills to tackle workplace health and safety issues yourself in the future

Find out how by calling one of our specialist advisers on 0845 609 6006.

Patient information circulated to organisations within the network can also be located here. This section of the website is for healthcare professionals only and is password protected. It contains the latest updates, minutes, agendas, reports, policies and guidelines for use within the network.

To request a password, please click here.

The Information here is for you, no matter who you are. You might be someone who is worried about cancer and want to know how to reduce your risk. Perhaps you are someone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. Maybe you are a friend or are looking after someone with cancer.

We have gone through the website and we do appreciate that there are some navigational and scrolling issues. We hope to resolve theses issues with the launch of a version 2 of the website which we aim to have up and running shortly.

This site has been created in response to the many people in England who have wanted to know more about cancer, how cancer is treated and how to reduce the risks of getting cancer.

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